Visitors are invited to walk into the studio and become acquainted with the process, to feel the heat, ask questions and interact with the artists.

There is a 300 lb. melting furnace which runs continuously to keep the glass molten. Two workstations each face a re-heating furnace (glory-hole) and two furnaces are equipped with heat recuperators to lessen gas consumption and to keep the studio quieter. There are four electric annealing ovens (lehrs) which are used to gently cool the glass pieces at the end of the day.

The studio is a casual but informative space where questions are welcome and lively discussions (very often not about glass) take place. There is no formal tour nor is there an admission fee although donations to animal rescue are always welcome.

 WINTER 2023-2024

Studio and Gallery Hours:

Thursday through Sunday 10 am-5pm
Closed: Mon-Tues-Wed