3 Band Bowl



3 Band Bowl

Sleek, modern design is achieved using the centuries’ old technique of incalmo. In Venetian dialect, the word incalmo translates to “graft” (as in plants) and in glass, it is the fusing together of independent bubbles of hot glass. Incalmo is a difficult technique to master as two glassblowers must each create a bubble the exact same diameter to join together. Any number of bubbles can be “stacked” together and the complexity of the process increases with each one added. Generally, these bubbles are not overlaid with a layer of clear so that the seam between the bubbles is palpable. However, Little River Hotglass Studio incalmo pieces are overlaid to make the piece appear seamless. The final visual effect relies on the colour choices of opaque, transparent or patterned and the size of the bubbles or “bands”. Should you have any specific color requests, please get in touch. Signed and dated by the artist, Michael Trimpol – Little River Hotglass Studio.
Diameter: 11″ – 12″

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Weight 145 oz
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 14 in