Helix Banded Vase



Helix Banded Vase

The Helix Banded Vase is one of the more complex pieces at Little River Hotglass. It is made in the Venetian “incalmo’ style with two independent bubbles attached together while hot. The top bubble is made from a complementary colored glass to the bottom which has ribbons of vortex color spiraling up the form. Optic ribbing is available in this vortex bubble which creates lines within the color and distorts the optics. The plain vortex creates a smoother pattern with less distortion. (see the Boca and the Violet/Pink/Sunshine). A little larger and taller than most of our vases, it makes a great focal point in a room and is fully functional to hold flowers. Available in 4 shapes: Navajo, Urn, Sphere, or Flat. Should you have any specific color requests, please get in touch. Signed and dated by the artist, Michael Trimpol – Little River Hotglass Studio.

Tallest: 12″ – 13”

Additional information

Weight 160 oz
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 10 in