Fundraising Ornaments to Aid Animals in Ukraine

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FUNDRAISING UPDATE : December 23, 2023  — Donations from sales US + $15,600

THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased!

As animal lovers, we have been following the plight of rescue organizations working in Ukraine to safely evacuate as many animals as possible and to assist those who could not leave. We have organized this fundraiser to support two U.K. based charities who are working together : WarPaws and Breaking The Chains-Documentaries.  WarPaws is building a state of the art shelter in Romania to receive, medically treat and house animals from Ukraine. Tom and his crew from BTC have been on the ground for months working in extremely dangerous conditions to rescue strays and to help pet owners cope with the horrors of a war zone. Their continued successes depend on support and this is where we can offer a little help. 100% of proceeds from this fundraiser will be donated.

A registered charity, “War Paws was created to provide a voice and make the difference for the forgotten animals of war.  We feel that the only way to make the difference that is needed is not to just try and remove the animals from war zones and areas of civil conflict, but instead, we aim to provide education for the local populations, provide information and encouragement on better animal welfare and animal husbandry and to promote happy and healthy ownership of animals.”

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“Breaking the Chains -Documentaries brings you an up-close and personal insight into Rescues and Shelters around the world. Our ultimate goal is to raise awareness through our documentaries to generate much needed support for the many dogs in need.”

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